Two Shiva Sravanas and Adhika Masa


Two Shiva Sravanas and Adhika Masa

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Sravana month is dedicated the worship of Lord Shiva and is considered one of the holiest months of the year.

Devotees of Shiva will do fasting and penance throughout this month, particularly on Mondays.  

Typically it is also a month for auspicious rituals and celebrations, but this year the first of the 2 months of Sravana is an adhika masa, which is used solely for spiritual practice and not for outer events.  ‘Adhika’ means additional, and it is an occurrence that happens every 32 months or 2 2/3 years. I will explain this astronomical concept as simply as I can!

The Vedic Calendar is luni-solar, which means it takes the Sun and the Moon into account.  In the US for example we are only using the solar calendar, so our holidays are fixed on certain dates.  India uses the solar calendar for political purposes and the lunar for religious festivals.  With the moon, there is a difference between the speed of how long it takes the moon to go through all 12 signs and how long it is from full moon to full moon.  This difference is just under 11 days in a year.  To sync up the calendars this additional month is added every 2 2/3 years.  This prevents the seasons from drifting too far off from the dates of the Gregorian calendar.  It is the same concept as a leap year, only this is a leap month.

The first of these 2 months is the adhika masa, which makes it great for spiritual practice but less for favorable for outer events.  It is not indicated to start material endeavors during this time.  Instead, this is a month ideal for fasting, mantras, studying scriptures, doing pujas. and other spiritual practices.  Overall, it’s good for refining and doing things you are all ready doing, rather than starting new things.  Though the month of Sravana is for Shiva, the adhika masa is connected to Vishnu, so Vishnu and Lakshmi practices are also indicated.

The Sravana adhika masa goes from July 18th- August 16th, and what is considered the more auspicious for outer events part of Sravana is from August 17th- September 15th.

For these next 2 months, Mondays and Fridays are considered the more important days- Mondays for Shiva and Fridays for Lakshmi.  

While one can of course do any these practices on their own,  I am happy to help guide practices during this potent time.  I am also connected to a priest in India who will do Shiva worship daily for these 2 months.  Reach out if you’d like to be connected with him or if you’d like any guidance from me during this very special time!

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Contact me here

***Munich Friends!  I will be in Munich this weekend doing a talk on transits and upcoming events for the rest of 2023 on July 22nd at 2 pm.  The talk will be at Jivamukti Yoga studio and details are here. I will also offer consultations on Friday and Sunday.  Reach out if you’d like to have an in person reading or to connect while I’m there.***

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