Two Courses in August


Two Courses in August

12 week Vedic Astrology Foundations and 6 week Sanskrit Introduction<!–

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Vedic Astrology, or Jyotish, is often likened to an Ocean, a vast study over a course of lifetimes. How do we begin to process all of this knowledge?  One of the biggest issues with studying Vedic Astrology (in my opinion) is the density and complexity of the material.  It can often take the beginner a very long time before they are able to compartmentalize and apply what they have learned.  

As a teacher I attempt to condense the information in a way that it is simplified yet does not lose the complexities that are vital to this ancient science. I am by no means the most technical or textual teacher, but I am able to present information in a way that is easy enough for the beginning student to understand, and to set a solid foundation for future deeper studies.

This 12 week course was created as an intermediary between the Science of Light 6 week Introduction and the 1 year Intensive.  While the 6 week course introduces many key concepts of Vedic Astrology, the limited amount of time does not allow us to work with application.  The 1 year course can often feel overwhelming to someone with no background in Jyotish.

In this course I will be focusing on offering techniques that you will be able to apply to understanding a birth chart. Though this is not enough time to learn how to do a full reading, after 12 weeks you will be able to identify fundamental key insights of the chart.  This course could be a beneficial addition to any counseling, consulting, Ayurveda, or health-based practice.

We will start on August 12th and meet on Fridays from 3-5 Pacific Time.  
This course consists of a live weekly class with me, which will be recorded and uploaded in case you can not attend live.   There are also selected recordings of Freedom Cole from his Level 1 course to listen to each week.  There will be homework and outside reading that is essential to get the most out of the class.

As this is the first round, I am also going to offer an additional bi-weekly study session/question and answer with me.  Here you will be able to bring your own charts, questions and examples.  I am looking for students who want to begin to go deep, and understand if this lifetimes study is for you!

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With Amarnath Matthews 

Have you thought you might like to learn the Sanskrit language but thought it was a daunting process? Do you wonder when you are speaking Sanskrit if it is phonetically correct?

Whether in class for Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology, Yoga, or even in a group of people chanting spiritual shlokas, it feels good when Sanskrit is confidently pronounced. Much like a child who feels excitement by uttering their first clear words to get what they want, one can feel that same excitement in properly speaking this divine language and offering their prayers and mantras with devotion.

In this introductory 6 week course you will not only learn how to properly pronounce, but also obtain the tools to begin reading and writing Sanskrit in transliterated and Devanagari forms. Learning Sanskrit initially in a transliterated form and moving on to its written form in Devanagari makes for a closer relationship with the language for correct sound. 







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