Private Tutoring

This is primarily based on your questions and looking at charts. After understanding your level this time can also be used to introduce new techniques. This is a unique offering for those beginning to build a practice but wanting some additional support.

$60/hr per individual class

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Private Tutoring for Science of Light Level 1

Here we will follow the format of Level 1.  I am available to answer any and all questions, but more importantly I will help you to organize the information so you know where to focus.  It can be an overwhelming amount of information.  Though what you get out of it is what you put in to it, the vast majority of my students pass the practicum on the first try.

Group Tutoring for Science of Light

Group Tutoring also follows the format of Level 1. I will take small groups of 2-6 for answering questions more in depth. Many beginners have similar questions so this may be a good lower cost option for additional support that is outside the scope of what the class offers.

$30/hr minimum of 2 students and maximum of 6.

One month commitment at a time is required.

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