The Full Moon of the Ancestors


The Full Moon of the Ancestors

Full Moon Greetings!

This month’s full moon culminates in Aquarius on September 10th at 2:58 am PDT, which means the full moon cycle begins approximately 24 hours before.

This is the full moon and fortnight right before Navaratri begins on September 26th, where Goddess Durga is celebrated over 9 nights in her multi forms.  Before we begin this elaborate ritual, this fortnight happening now is reserved for the worship of the ancestors.  Known as Pitri Paksha, these 16 days are the thinning of the veil between the worlds, where we bring those who have passed more to our consciousness through memory and traditions.  This month is considered inauspicious for all other rituals except honoring the ancestors.

Ancestor worship is present in all traditions in so many different forms. It is practiced mostly to ensure the deceased souls of our lineage go to good realms.  If the ancestors are happy and we honor our past, they in turn give us blessings into our future, such children, bounty. and longevity.

While traditionally the elaborate Pitri rituals of India are done by only the male heirs and only after the parents have passed, we can all use this window to show our gratitude to our ancestors.  We can do this by bringing our deceased loved ones to our minds a bit more over these next 16 days.  We can make the foods they like, play music connected with them, and connect with their traditions.  I encourage you to remember and celebrate them in any way that speaks to you and honors them.

These 16 days runs from September 9th or 10th- 24th or 25th, depending on your time zone.  

If you would like more direction of what to do over these next days, reach out for a session.

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