Sharad Purnima


Sharad Purnima

The Full Moon of Lakshmi<!–

Full Moon Greetings!

This full moon culminates on October 9th at 1:54 PM Pacific time.  
We have now passed through the fortnight (15 day moon cycle) of the Ancestors, of Durga, and this next one is for Lakshmi.  

Lakshmi is the Goddess who cares over our bounty in life.  When she is happy she bestows us with prosperity, fortune, beauty, fertility, and abundance.  These next 15 days are the ideal time to chant her mantra and make offerings to her.

We can do this to call more abundance into our realm, or we can simply be grateful for all that has already been given.  When we do this, all offerings to her are from joy and appreciation, and not with the motive of gaining something from her.

If you can, take a look up in the sky tonight and soak in this beautiful bountiful full moon.  This moon is in Pisces, and the brightness just beside it is Jupiter.

Om Lakshmyai Namah!

Love and Blessings,


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