Sarva Pitri Amabasya


Sarva Pitri Amabasya

and Mahalaya the Beginning of Durga Puja<!–

New Moon Greetings!

The New Moon culminates on September 25th at 2:54 pm PDT, making the just over 24 hours before the window of the Sarva Pitri Amabasya.  This is the culmination of the 16 days of the ancestors, and the most important day of this cycle.  

If you haven’t done anything for your ancestors and would like to the time is now! In the US and Europe the ideal time is the 25th first thing in the morning.  Ancesteral reverence clears our family lines of inherited obstacles of the past and allows us to receive their blessings.  It is said by our practices we can not only give blessings to our seven generations of the future but can heal seven generations of the past.  

Traditionally, ancestral reverence was only done by the oldest male of the family and only when the parents have passed, but plenty of teachers encourage us that we can modernize this ritual by simple offerings if perhaps not through elaborate rituals.

We can also simply remember them- by thought, music, food, tradition- or anything else that brings them more to your consciousness.

September 26th marks the beginning of Navaratri, the 9 nights of the Goddess Durga.  Durga Puja time celebrates when the Goddess comes down from her mountainous heavenly abode of Kailash and defeats our negative tendencies, personified as the ‘demon’ Mahishasura.  In more folk terms this is a harvest festival time that becomes an offering to creation and all the bounty that it provides, a sort of thanks-giving time.

Each night celebrates a different form of the Goddess, and has different significance.  All of the forms are manifestations the One Goddess.  

So if you feel moved to, look for Durga Puja celebrations in your world or online.  If you’d like any guidance or suggestions of where to look do reach out.

Om Dum Durgayei Namah

Here’s a link to some of my favorite chants that are played in West Bengal on Mahalaya the name of this particular Amabasya or New Moon.

Love and Blessings,

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