I have had several great astrology readings throughout my life, and readings by Mrinmoyee have been some of the very best. She is my chosen astrologer for a number of reasons. Having explored both Western and Vedic astrology, I now very clearly resonate with Vedic astrology. Mrinmoyee exemplifies great reverence for the Vedic tradition and is clearly dedicated to her work. Her readings are clear, detailed, accurate, and well articulated. She explains the information in a way that is easy to understand, but she is also able to go in-depth as I ask bigger questions. I really appreciate Mrinmoyee’s wisdom, kindness, compassion and skill. When we speak, I feel as if I am talking to an old friend who knows me well, one who loves and accepts me as I am. Her readings often put words to what I am already feeling, and illuminate my deep inner knowing. She has been particularly helpful in discussing obstacles that appear in both my personal chart and in relationship composite charts, in a way that is realistic but also open to higher potential. She gives the areas in my life that once felt heavy a new understanding, more compassion, lightness, and provides remedies and possibilities for transformation. Readings by Mrinmoyee have greatly assisted me in my ongoing journey of healing and awakening. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to learn more about him or herself, or who is guided towards leading a wiser, happier, and more spiritually rich life.

Molly McLaughlin, Ayurvedic Health Counselor, Yoga Instructor, Photographer

A reading session with Mrinmoyee is an extraordinary experience. She’s a healer, astrologer, story-teller, yoga teacher and a therapist in one. The clarity and compassion with which she delivers the teachings and approaches her clients are beyond words inspiring. You are in a special treat with this lady. And all of her recommended remedies really work!

Gabriella Bozic, International Yoga Teacher

Mrinmoyee offered me new insight to my past, present and future. I felt soothed by the new understandings gained in relation to my parents, partner and children. Having entered a new career following my reading, I feel gratitude for the compassionate and gently humorous way in which Mrinmoyee opened me to new ways of being. I now find myself working in an area that is fulfilling and challenging and am amazed at how on the mark my reading was. Thank you Mrinmoyee for all you have given me!

Danielle Fritzsche, Community Coach, Mother

My reading with Mrinmoyee was excellent! She is incredibly accurate and thorough. All of the direction that she gave me was backed by her intricate understanding of Jyotish, which she explained in a very simple way which was very easy for me to understand. I resonate strongly with her prescriptions and I recommend her to anybody who wants a reading which offers Indian wisdom in a modern western context. Thank you!

Haylee Burton, Yoga Instructor

Mrinmoyee made it possible for me to understand the complexities of my birth chart in a very profound way.  She explained everything so well and the reading absolutely resonated with me.  It encourages me to follow my path while being aware of the karmic challenges.  I can’t recommend her and all her knowledge in Vedic Astrology highly enough!

Charlotte Lopez

“Receiving the guidance of Mrinmoyee, was a real gift from the Universe. The clarity of her vision is impressive: it will dissipate all your doubts and open yourself to the new stage of life you are suppose to be. She is an expander: definitely gifted with the ability to see the big Picture of Yourself and help you find the right way. Highly recommended especially if you are uncertain about your next step in life and future decisions. I am extremely grateful for having met her”.

Valentina Vendramin
“I have had a few readings with the astrologists and so far the one I got from Mrinmoyee was the best. She gave me all the information I asked for in a very consistent way. The reading really helped me to realize where my greatest potential was and I immediately began taking steps to fulfill it. It’s been a month and a half after the reading and I can feel that the quality of my life has improved and I can understand better who I really am. It feels like Mrinmoyee is a great astrologer who you can trust. Highly recommended!”
Maria Savchenko

“I’d never had a Vedic astrology reading before and must admit I came to see Mrinmoyee with a healthy dose of skepticism. I was hoping that the session would provide direction on what my purpose is, where I should live and what I should do next for work. The reading was extremely accurate, reaffirming and motivating. It was surprising to discover how scientific it all was in nature.

Not only is Mrinmoyee highly knowledgeable, she also has a strong sense of intuition so will ask questions and dive deep in the right places to help get more out of your reading. She’s also extremely personable and relaxed in nature so you’ll feel right at home and in safe hands. I recommend a session for anyone who is curious or looking for some direction on any aspect of their life.

Thank you for helping me navigate the next phases of this journey Mrinmoyee!”

Asha Easteal, Marketing and communications consultant / Yoga teacher

“I met Mrinmoyee while in Mysore and her guidance has been priceless in my spiritual journey. Her deep comprehension of the main dynamics in the chart plus her heartfelt advice have inspired me to pursue studies in Vedic Astrology. I’m very happy to recommend her to any student of yoga.  Yoga and Ayurveda plus Vedic Astrology are the three sciences of life and very much compliment each other. Namaste.”

Mariela Cruz, Former Ambassador of Costa Rica/student of Sharanu Jois in the lineage of Ashtanga Yoga

Mrinmoyee is a gifted Vedic astrologer. She comes with extensive knowledge of the Vedic system and culture that always amazes me and she blends it with a very soft, intuitive, and kind presence. She has supported me over the last two years as I navigate some major transitions by reading my chart and offering me mantras and ideas with an open door for ongoing support in between sessions. I highly recommend her.

Elizabeth Gregory, Massage Therapist

This reading meant so much to me! Mrinmoyee has such great energy – so much reverence and connection (like if my Auntie were a learned astrologer!)! I felt like I was talking with someone who knew me and who understood what was going on in my life. Mrinmoyee brought so much context and focus AND perspective to the parts of myself/my life for which I was seeking guidance. Her guidance and illumination has already brought me much contentment as well as motivation. I have a greater respect for all parts of my life and the way they weave together/change through and in time.

Miya DeBaker, Graphic Arts / Operations

My session with Mrin was truly wonderful.  It was very knowledgeable and detailed. She helped me understand some of the technical portions of the reading but with an emphasis on the practical applications of the aspects of my life that need restructuring and healing.  I came prepared with several unique questions based on my very limited knowledge of the Vedic astrology tradition and Mrin was able to provide clarity about my obstacles and how to work towards achieving my goals.

It was truly an inspiring experience, one that left me feeling grounded, supported, and hopeful.  I highly recommend Mrin for her knowledge, wisdom, and warmth in delivering the interpretations of Vedic Astrology.

Jovanka Ciares, Wellness Coach, Herbalist, Nutrition Educator

I was having issues about a lacuna I felt deep within for over three decades and thus was unable to bear the reality of the emptiness.  Mrinmoyee did an excellent job and put the whole vacuum into a perspective for me.  She was clear and incisive.  Suddenly, I was a free man with my burdens now evaporated.

Mrinmoyee has tremendous insight and clarity.  I would recommend her to anyone who wishes to bring light into their lives.


Mrinmoyee has been offering stellar sessions to several friends of mine for years, and having heard nothing but good things throughout that time I finally had a session of my own.  I’m so glad I did.  I’ve had other astrological readings in the past (including Vedic) but never anything as spot-on, relevant and useful as what she offers.  In having clarified my predispositions, my ‘bent of nature’ as well as where I’m at in the cycles, I feel both validated and empowered to move forward into my destiny, come what may.

Troy McFadden, Transformational Coach
Mrinmoyee is a grounded astrologer, steeped in tradition yet sensitive to modern day needs in her delineations. I really enjoyed working with Mrinmoyee over a 3 month period where I learnt more about my chart through the lens of this lineage of Hindu Astrology including her guidance on chart remediation. I would recommend Mrinmoyee to anyone seeking to further understand themselves and establish a daily praxis for personal development and spiritual cultivation. Thank-you for your dedication to the tradition Mrinmoyee!
Shu Yap, Astrologer (Traditional Western)
Insightful and comforting. Honest and kind. Verification of my chosen path and clarification for which way to turn in future. My best birthday present..will do it again.
Barbara Schaefer, Ashtanga Practitioner
I was very impressed by Mrinmoyee´s analysis of the core of the matter, looking how to tackle the root causes of the issues raised during the reading. Her approach is a way of gentle coaching and dialogue which enables the client to weigh his/her options and make own decisions based on the reading. Moreover, she is very realistic and down-to-earth and respectful towards spiritual traditions of their clients.
Stanislava Judinyova
I sought a career analysis reading with Mrinmoyee because I was feeling unsure if I should continue on in the same field of work. Immediately she put my mind at ease by letting me know that the period of time that I’m in is actually good for taking a break. It just so happens that I was recently injured on the job and I need to take time off to attend to my physical and mental health. She highlighted the parts of my chart that show I can definitely work with others one-on-one as well as giving ideas as to how that might look moving forward. I highly recommend Mrinmoyee because her guidance is clear, she’s intuitive, personable and felt like a long-time friend.
Joshua Maldonado, Mental Health Case Manager
Many thanks to Guruji Arjun, pandit, and mutual friend who offered me a reading. During the process of my spiritual route, I had 2-3 astrologists doing a reading with me and I have to say although there were many overlaps. Mrinmoyee’s reading was much more profound and in dept as much as in dept that it matched with a psychic reading I had done years ago. The geographical locations mapped out for me by my medium matched the birth chart reading of Mrinmoyee. It’s not an easy route to travel but yesterday’s reading once confirmed I need to stay strong, focussed & keep faith in this blessed journey I received.
My blessings and recommendations go out to you.
Mata BGouwy, Spiritual teacher, artist and Vedic Philosopher
Working with Mrinmoyee was great!

She was able to accurately figure out my personality traits and where I was with my life to provide me some solutions to steer me on the right path.

Definitely recommend Mrinmoyee if you’re feeling lost, confused, or if you just want some deeper insight into how to make the best use of your time.

Ryan P, Freelance Web Designer, Sales Consultant
I first met Mrin taking her 12 week introduction Course, for The Science of Light Course I  (SOL-1), which I highly recommend to anyone, especially if you are new to Vedic Astrology. It gives you a great taste into the vastness of vedic astrology.

I also took regular tutoring sessions from Mrin, which helped me tremendously to prepare for my practicum in SOL 1. She is very experienced, structured, and knows what is important.

Last but not least, I also enjoyed two readings with her, which helped bringing clarity into questions I had regarding career and relationship. Mrin is very knowledgeable, concise, and gives you great support. I will continue to take tutoring and readings with her, and can highly recommend Mrin’s various services in Vedic Astrology!

Devaki Lammet, International Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Health Counselor, Graduate of SOL 1
Mrinmoyee is wonderful vedik astrologer. She listens carefully then looks at the flow of light and energy that dances amongst the stars in your chart. She shares what she sees with insight and care. I highly recommend her. Don’t wait get a reading right away. She’s a true gem.
Manorama D'Alvia, Sanskrit and Yoga Philosophy Guide
I’ve had several Western astrology readings before. My placidus chart never seemed to resonate. My whole signs chart was much better, but a couple of areas still rang false. This was my first Vedic reading, and it was startling how quickly and how well it captured my core issues. The electional aspect of it was also fascinating. Thank you, Mrinmoyee.
Rita C

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