New Year, New Moon


New Year, New Moon

New Year wishes to all!

As we begin 2022, the first day of the year is the New Moon.  This New Moon culminates on January 2nd at 10:33 am PST in the sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a fire sign all about purpose and our highest drive of why we are here.  It is a powerful beginning to a New Year, as this placement could indicate a year filled with understanding purpose on a very deep level.  

However, along with this powerful sign we also have the New Moon, which is considered a weakened day with less support.  This irony comes to mind when we think of all the New Year’s Resolutions that begin today.  The moon is showing that those resolutions don’t have much sustaining power!  

My advice is to wait until the afternoon of January 2nd to ‘recommit’ to those resolutions for a better chance of them enduring.  Better yet, don’t make a sweeping declaration to make an extreme yet possibly unsustainable promise to yourself.  Perhaps it is enough to just strive to be a bit better each day, and make each year a bit better than the one before.

If you would like some understanding and direction on how 2022 will look for you, and how you can make the most of it, do book a reading or a follow up.

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