New Moon in Virgo


New Moon in Virgo


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Happy New Moon!

This new moon falls in the sign of Virgo in the lunar house of Hasta culminating at 4:05 am pdt on October 6th, making tonight the height of the New Moon.  In Virgo we have the Sun, Moon and Mars all within one degree, and Mercury not too far away.  


This new moon marks the last night of Pitri Paksha, the fortnight of the ancestors.  If you haven’t remembered your ancestors over these last 15 days there’s still time to do it tonight! A small offering or remembrance will do.


From tomorrow it is the start of Navaratri, the Nine Nights of the Goddess Durga.  This is an important festival throughout India, and if you have access to a temple near you I highly recommend visiting!  Through the 9 nights Durga is worshipped in a different form each night.  


The dark moon cycle is a time of shedding and letting go.  With 3 planets retrograde (Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury) we may be revisiting old themes at the moment and feel a bit unable to move forward.  With Saturn going direct next week we can expect some forward movement, especially if we are able to put the hard work and steadiness themes of Saturn into effect in our lives.


Though Mercury is retrograde, he has returned to his sign of exaltation of Virgo, which gives strength, and goes direct right around the next full moon.  Virgo is connected to organizing and getting things in order, and retrograde brings editing and revisiting.  The New Moon in Hasta connects this next moon cycle with our hands, and the power we hold in them to actualize the things that we want in life.  So take rest and go inward tonight, and from tomorrow use this energy of Navaratri to begin to create and grow!

Love and Blessings,

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