New Moon in Pisces


New Moon in Pisces

Basant Navaratri<!–

New Moon Greetings!

This Amabasya culminates on April 11th at 7:30 pm PST in the sign of Pisces and the lunar house of Revati.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and represents endings and completion.  It also represents our subconscious and the vast expanse of the imaginative and intuitive.  

For this New Moon, the Sun, the Moon and Mercury are all in Pisces in the last degrees in the lunar house of Revati.  Revati’s energy is also of transition, its deity Pushan is the one who carries souls from the land of the living to the land of the dead.  Revati is also connected with prosperity and safe travelling.  Also connected with nourishment, Revati reminds us to be aware of our diet and moderate our attachment to food.  New Moons are good days to fast for most people, so perhaps a fast is in order today.

Mercury is in its debilitation sign in Pisces, meaning it is weakened and Mercury’s nature of clear and intellectual communication is compromised.  Here we may tend to be verbose or express ourselves in a less linear way that lacks logical order.  In itself is it simply a more imaginative way of expression, but it can also tend to less clear speech and misunderstandings, especially when it is connected to this New Moon energy,  Remember that Moon and Mercury are our two planets of mind, and both have issues at the moment.

That being said, there is some astrological hopefulness in the air! 

On April 5th Jupiter moved out of its debilitation sign of Capricorn, where he was conjunct Saturn and aspected by Rahu.  Jupiter will stay in Aquarius until mid September, then briefly retrograde into Capricorn again from September 13-November 30th, after which he returns to Aquarius.  These dates are important because this September to November window can give us setbacks, but they should be brief.

Jupiter is our planet of the greatest blessings and was not able to deliver the goods in this placement in Capricorn and with this malefic influence over this past year.  In fact many world predictive astrologers mark this placement of Jupiter as one of the major factors in Covid, the other important planet being Saturn.  

In any case Jupiter in Aquarius can again feel expansive.  This is a good placement for wealth and achieving our goals.  As Jupiter is a planet of connectivity and Aquarius is associated with groups, we may feel this expansiveness helps us to return to connection with people again.  In person or online, it can be a very good time for networking.  Though this is essentially a positive transit, how positive it will be for you is of course dependent on your own chart.

In a few days Sun will move into Aries, marking the beginning of the new year in some calendars.  Sun is our most regular planet and many systems of time are based on Sun’s movement. 

This month’s New Moon marks the month of Chaitra, which begins the nine night spring Durga celebration, also known as Basant Navaratri. 

Chaitra is my birthday month according to the lunar calendar.  While our solar birthdays are fixed dates, our lunar birthdays will change up to a couple weeks according to the moon’s phase.  If you’re interested to know yours remember to ask me in your next session, or in your birthday month.  I always offer a discounted reading in your birthday month.  If you mention this message I’ll give you a discount through my birthday month of April as well!

Love and Blessings,

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