New Moon in Leo


New Moon in Leo

The calm before the storm?<!–

New Moon Greetings!

Today’s New Moon falls in the sign of Leo and the lunar house of PurvaPhalguni, culminating on September 6th at 5:51 pm PDT.  Leo is a strong sign and PurvaPhalguni is a positive lunar house, connected with luck and prosperity.  As New Moons tend to set the energy for the month and this one starts positive, I would like to say this energy will carry through.  However, there are a few too many shifts coming up that can make situations unstable.  The next week or so should sustain this positive and creative energy though, so enjoy it while it lasts!  

We now have 3 planets in their own signs- Mercury, Venus and Saturn.  Planets in their own signs tend to give us the best qualities of the planet.

Venus moving from the analytical sign of Virgo into the connective sign of Libra is positive for relationships of all kinds. Venus in this position reminds us to value our relationship to others and to the community. Saturn in Capricorn give us a hardworking spirit, and a sense of slow and steady diligence, though as he is retrograde there can tend to be an over focus or obsessiveness around the area of work.

Mercury exalted in the sign of Virgo is strong for communication, analysis, and as Virgo is a sign connected to our health, using our intellect in the area of health to make good decisions.  However, all is not ideal as Mars entered Virgo today on September 6th. Mars tends to heat up wherever he goes with assertive and sometimes aggressive energy.  Mars does not do well in Mercury’s sign and connected with Mercury as he is now.  This combination can tend to harsh speech and challenges to the logical processes.  Where Mercury is cerebral, Mars is physical.  This is a combination that can add to anxiety as well.

Though for now, Mercury’s strength may keep Mars in line, and the result may just be some assertive communication or impulsive thoughts.  More challenging will be when the Sun moves into Virgo on September 17th and joins Mars and Mercury, and especially on October 8th and the window around there, where Mars is considered combust, too close to the Sun.  This becomes a window to watch out for on a personal and global level.  More on this later, but October and November can be difficult times, making these next couple weeks a bit like the calm before the storm.

When Jupiter retrogrades back into Capricorn on September 14th, we again have our planet of prosperity and divine blessings under affliction from two malefics- Rahu and Saturn.  Many astrologers cite the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn as the beginning of the pandemic, and unfortunately things may get worse before they get better.  My advice is to be prepared for unrest in October and November, and stay close to home and your community.

This is an eventful time to be a human!  If I can help you navigate in any way do be in touch.

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