Lunar Eclipse in Libra


Lunar Eclipse in Libra

Buddha Jayanti<!–

In a couple hours there will be a lunar eclipse in the sign of Libra and the lunar house of Vishaka.  This is the completion of the eclipse cycle that began on April 19th.  Eclipses can be times of disturbance as our shadow planets, Rahu and Ketu, become more powerful.  

Eclipses are the most potent in the places where it is visible.  As this is a lunar eclipse that occurs in the daytime in the US, the US is less affected by this one.  But most of the rest of the world will experience at least part of this lunar eclipse tonight, though because it is a penumbral eclipse it is a subtle change and may not be visible.  Perhaps the moon simply looks darker where you are tonight.

This specific set of eclipses occurs in Aries and Libra, which naturally rule the houses of self and relationships, making these themes prominent for all.  It is common to feel out of balance, especially in these two areas of life, during an eclipse cycle.  To see how the eclipse affects you personally take a look at what houses are Aries and Libra for your chart.  Planets in these signs can also get disturbed by these potent eclipse energies.  

Lunar eclipses are optimum times for spiritual practice.  It is advised to chant any mantra that you practice, as repetition is more powerfully increased at this time.  Specifically for eclipses, Dattatreya mantras or Narasimha mantras are indicated.  We can also chant the mantra for the lunar house where the eclipse falls to strengthen and fortify the placement, which is in this case Vishaka Nakshatra.  

In California the eclipse window is 8:14 am to 12:31 pm, with the maximum eclipse occurring at 10:22 am.  You can translate these timings into your time zone, or visit to get the exact timing for your location.

This full moon is also celebrated as Buddha Jayanti, the birth, enlightenment, and death day of Shakyamuni Buddha.

Om ksaum name bhagavate Nrsimhāya
Om indrāgnibhyam Namah ( mantra for Vishaka where the eclipse falls)

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