Kalabhairab Jayanti Propitiation to Saturn and Rahu


Kalabhairab Jayanti Propitiation to Saturn and Rahu

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The 8th Lunar day of this Vedic month is celebrated as the birthday of Kalabhairab.  This timing is from December 4th at 8:29 am PST to December 5th at 11:07 am PST.

Kalabhairab is a more fierce form of Shiva.  He is the divine masculine protective energy, said to remove fear, anger and greed for those who worship him.  He is considered to be beyond the time and death cycles of human existence.

In Vedic Astrology, Kalabhairab is connected to Saturn and Rahu, and he is propitiated to mitigate the negative effects of these two planets. Both are notorious for creating difficulties until we learn to use their energies for the higher purpose in accordance to their nature.  Though Saturn is a planet of hard work and disciple, Saturn can also cause obstacles, delays, stresses and pressures.  Rahu in his highest form can give  foreign travel, a research focus, and the fulfillment of material desires, but can also create shock, sudden negative events, and anxiety.  

Though we can do any kind of practice for Saturn and Rahu weekly on Saturdays, the birthday of Kalabhairab is the optimum day for this.  Kalabhairab helps us get rid of past negatives, and removes both inner and outer obstacles.  His energy is fierce and is applied to situations where more force must be used, or to more difficult circumstances.

Some remedies to do on this day include chanting the name of Kalabhairab, or listening to the Kalabhairab ashtakam.  This is a link to a gentler version done by Sadhguru’s Isha foundation, but there are many available on You Tube.  We may also like to recall these stronger emotions, fears or situations that we would like to release, and mentally or symbolically through ritual offer them to Kalabhairab.

The above picture is the Kalabhairab in Varanasi, India, where I will be spending most of the month of December.  Varanasi is the oldest and one of the most sacred cities of India, and practically any deity’s temple can be found there.  If you would like me to make an offering or arrange a puja in your name while I am there please reach out.

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