Full Moon in Virgo


Full Moon in Virgo

Holi Purnima<!–

Full Moon Greetings!

The full moon will culminate on March 18th at 12:17 am PDT, making the night of March 17th and 18th both good nights to see the moon at its fullest.  

This is a very celebrated full moon in India, as it is Holi Purnima, the festival of colors.  Holi is a celebration of winter turning into spring and bringing in the light.  As it is the full moon of the seasons changing, it reminds us to take stock.  Symbolically it reminds us to let go of our anger and resentments and to practice forgiveness.  It is one of the only festivals that is cross cultural, and celebrates unity and oneness of all, symbolized in festivities playing with all the colors of the rainbow.  It is really one of the most light hearted and joyous celebrations of the year!

This full moon falls  the sign of Virgo and the lunar house of Uttara Phalguni.  Uttara Phalguni is connected to the power of wealth through partnership.  It can mean marriage and romantic partnerships, but also signifies bounty through any type of partnership.  Though full moons are supportive, the exact day of the full moon can be a bit too intense with its energy!  The sign of Virgo is all about our logical mind, which makes this full moon positive for contracts and collaboration, and the finances that may be generated from them.  

Though Mars and Venus are still close together, they are no longer considered at war with each other as they are no longer sharing the same degree.  This is a very passionate combination that when too close can create agitation and arguments rather than passion and sensuality.  As they are still very close together and conjunct Saturn in Capricorn at the moment, the romantic partnerships may still be under too much stress to really get the great partnership benefits that are given from this Uttara Phalguni Moon.  

On April 4th and 5th Saturn and Mars will be in a War in Capricorn.  As they are both malefic planets and both strong in the sign of Capricorn, this could be a day to watch out for especially if you have planets near 28 degrees Capricorn, or if you are a Mars or Saturn ruled ascendent.  I’ll discuss this more next time, but I suggest taking caution on those 2 days next month.

There is a lot of movement in the sky coming up in April!  
If you’d like to discuss how this affects you personally be in touch.

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