Full Moon in Virgo


Full Moon in Virgo

The Celebration of Holi<!–

Happy Full Moon! 

This beautiful Full Moon culminates on March 28th at 11:47 am PST in the sign of Virgo and the lunar house of Hasta.

Virgo is a sign of our logical mind.  Virgo’s energy as a Mercury ruled sign can tend to be quite intellectual and strongly detail oriented.  It is precise, articulate and exacting- much more of a mental based energy.  

Moon is all about the feelings and our emotional experience and doesn’t always use the rational mind before expression.   Moon in Virgo represents the fine balance of both these realms- the intuitive inner guidance blended with the rational decision making ability.

The full Moon in this sign this month can lead us to a harmonious balance of the intellectual and the emotional.  Moon is also aspected by an exalted Venus, our planet of love and desires.  While Moon and Venus together can tend to be too romantic and idealistic, the logical influence of the sign of Virgo will balance this tendency for over emotionality.  

The lunar house of Hasta also represents this equilibrium.  Hasta gives us the power to gain what we are seeking, represented by the hand (or fist) and getting the things we want in our hands.  The symbol of the fist shows the power and determination to achieve our goals.  But the hand of Hasta can also represent all sorts of hands on healing modalities as well as palmistry and astrology.  Situated in the intellectual sign of Virgo, it also carries the qualities of a sharp mind and intellect.

In India, this Moon is the much celebrated day of Holi. This is a colorful festival that marks the coming of spring.  While externally Holi is celebrated with colors and play, internally Holi is the day to forgive and forget and to mend broken relationships. 

Perhaps we can all use the balance of the intellect and emotion of the Full Moon in Virgo to do this very important work of healing relationships, and allow these two parts of ourselves to function in equal harmony.

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