Full Moon in Scorpio


Full Moon in Scorpio

Rahu Jupiter Conjunction<!–

Tonight’s Full Moon culminates on June 3rd at 8:41 pm Pacific time.  As sunset occurs only 20 minutes before this will truly be a full moon rising in the sky.  The full moon happens in the sign of Scorpio.  The moon is considered debilitated in this Martian watery sign of Scorpio.  Scorpio represents the underworld, and the darkest parts of ourselves that we don’t want to show to others and may even hide from ourselves.  Scorpio’s energy is all about transformation, so within that is unknowing, unsteadiness, lack of security and the mystery.  The motherly and nurturing moon does not feel safe and secure in this sign, which is why the Moon in Scorpio is connected to insecurity and emotional confusion.  This particular full moon is also being aspected by Saturn, which does not add to the Moon’s safety at all, and rather adds a quality of loneliness and sadness.  So although generally speaking full moons can give us a sense of support, this particular one is marked with unsteadiness and even loneliness.

Also, Rahu and Jupiter are very close together in the sign of Aries.  Though they reached their exact togetherness in the sky a few days ago, they will still be very connected for the next few months.  Jupiter represents the Guru and the higher wisdom principle.  Rahu is the rule breaker- the unpredictable and sometimes heretic energy that does not follow tradition and goes his own way.  In modern times Rahu is also connected to revolutionary thinkers and those who have stepped out of the box of norms.  At times it is advisable to follow the wisdom of the elders and at times we have to follow our own path.  Jupiter is under more pressure these next few months because Saturn in Aquarius is looking at Jupiter.

The Rahu Jupiter conjunction over these next few months asks us to question our value systems and our beliefs. Ultimately, it is that delicate and mystical blend of our own karmas mixed with our own free will that determines our outcomes in life.

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