Full Moon in Pisces


Full Moon in Pisces

Pitri Paksha<!–

Happy Purnima to all!

This full moon culminates on September 20th at 4:55 pm PDT in the sign of Pisces and the lunar house of Uttara Bhadrapada.

This is a very special fortnight (1/2 moon cycle) known as Pitri Paksha, the fortnight of the ancestors.  This is the 15 days that occur once a year that are dedicated to the ancestors and ancestral worship.  While it is a very common practice in India and many other cultures, in the western world we do not always remember to revere those who have come before us.  

Remembrance and reverence to the ancestral line is very important.  Vedic system tells us that we carry the karmas of 7 generations before us.  Many of us have very important work to do in healing those family patterns that come through the generations!  It is also said that while they affect us, we can also help to heal them and our lineage by acknowledging and overcoming these patterns.

Here’s a great time of the year to do that! There are organizations that do elaborate pujas for the ancestors (message me if you’d like a recommendation!) or we can do something simple.  Some suggestions include making a small alter with pictures of our deceased relatives and give some type of offering.  We can also go to the graves or special places of remembrance for them and offering flowers or another one of their favorite things.

After these 15 days we begin Navaratri, the nine nights of the Goddess Durga.  

As we move into this fall season, let us take time to connect with our ancestors and celebrate the Mother Goddess.  If you’d like any guidance or suggestions on how to do that please do book an appointment online or be in touch.

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