Full Moon in Cancer


Full Moon in Cancer

The Nourishing Lunar House<!–

Full Moon Greetings!

This beautiful full Moon culminates on January 17th at 3:48 pm PST, in the lunar house of Pushya.  This is considered a very auspicious Full Moon, as it is a Full Moon in the sign of Cancer (the moon’s own sign), on the Moon’s day (Monday) in Pushya, the most favorable lunar house.

Pushya, which falls in the middle section of the sign of Cancer, is symbolized by a cow udder, representing the nourishment and sustenance that comes from this star.  It is ruled by Brihaspati, which is another name for Jupiter, who is considered the Guru of the Gods, and the most senior of the Elders.  Pushya is connected to prosperity and abundance as well.

The most auspicious section of this day is short- between 3:06 pm- 3:48 pm PST- but before and especially after is nice as well!  

However, it is really hard (if not impossible!) to find a perfect astrological day!  The Moon, though carrying lots of good qualities today, is also afflicted by Saturn and Mars.  Saturn can give some heaviness and feelings of limitation, and Mars can give frustration and resentment.  

Also, we are now in the dreaded Mercury retrograde cycle until February 3rd.
While Mercury retrograde can tend to get overemphasized in pop astrology, it is still a time where there can be difficulties in communication, education and learning, contracts and agreements, and travel.  Mercury retrograde, whether by transit or in our natal chart, can make us excessively verbal and makes the mind go extra fast.  Being in the sign of Capricorn, owned by Saturn, can slow it down a bit, but there are multiple malefic influences on Mercury at the moment which give it a less stable and more unsettled quality.

So while there are many supports for our emotional mind on this Full Moon, our intellectual mind is under a bit of strain for the next couple weeks.  While Mercury goes direct on February 3rd, which does make it better, the malefic energy around Mercury doesn’t really lift till the first week of March!  So until then, be slow and deliberate with your communication, back up any essential data, and leave a lot of extra time and patience for travel.

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