Full Moon in Aquarius

Happy Sravana Purnima!

After a busy summer break I hope to get back to regular updates.

This is a wonderful full moon to restart!

This full moon culminates on August 22nd at 5:01 am Pacific Time, making the night of the 21st when we can see the moon at it’s fullest.

Sravana Purnima marks the full moon in the month of Sravana, a month that is known particularly for the worship of Shiva. Intensive fasts and practices are done this month to propitiate Him. Though this important month of Shiva is almost at an end, today and tomorrow are also important and potent days for practice. Any form of propitiation will do, a simple Shiva mantra like ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ or the longer Mahamritunjaya Mantra are common ones, but feel free to personalize it according to you own propensity.

The full Moon culminates in Aquarius where Jupiter is already stationed, in the lunar house of Dhanistha. Dhanistha is connected to wealth, prosperity and rhythm- making it a good time to turn in to our own inner rhythm and the fluctuations between our self and others. Aquarius is all about others- the community and the collective, and with so much happening in a sign of the Self (Leo) and Aquarius this month we are called to look at our rhythms and how they fit in to the flow of the collective.

Sun, Mars, and Mercury are conjunct in Leo for most of the month. The next few days are most important to watch our for before Mercury leaves Leo on August 26th. Mars and Sun have been and will continue to do their dance in close proximity to each other over the next few months. Being both fire planets, they can bring alot of heat and intensity to situations, which we are seeing everywhere! When Mercury gets involved, which has been the case for the last couple weeks, the tendency for the speech to get hot is the most common effect. Of course how this affects you personally depends on what house Leo rules for you in your birth chart. Planets in Leo can tend to get a bit self absorbed and self-righteous. Luckily Jupiter is directly opposite which can (hopefully!) bring some higher wisdom and a sense of what’s needed for the greater good into the situation. As Jupiter is with the full moon this month he is likely visible in the night sky! Jupiter’s influence has the possibility of expanding one’s vision out of the microcosm of Leo to the universality of Aquarius where we can see the world as our family. This is the highest vision and where it would best serve us to put our attention at the moment.

Also of strong influence is Venus in Virgo until September 5th. Venus is the least comfortable in Virgo, as the easy flow of love and creativity of Venus is stifled in the rigid and disciplined sign of Virgo. But Venus in this position is a strong one for analyzing the emotions, particularly as they relate to our relationships of all kinds. It is also great for examining how we give and receive love, thinking it over on a mental level and perhaps making changes of how to improve in the future. As Virgo is also a sign of service, this is a great time to pour your love into the service of others. The world surely needs it at the moment!

I am happy to support you in any way I can during these challenging times! Please reach out if you’d like to schedule an appointment.

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