Full Moon Eclipse


Full Moon Eclipse

Kartik Purnima<!–

Happy Full Moon Eclipse!


This full moon culminates on Thursday November 19th at 12:57 am in the sign of Taurus and the lunar house of Krittika.  This full moon is also a lunar eclipse and, as eclipses come in pairs, a solar eclipse occurs 2 weeks later.  


In the Vedic Calendar, this is the month of Kartik, which is one of the holiest months of the year.   Typically it is considered a great time to start spiritual practice.  As this full moon also comes with an eclipse, it is advised not to start on the day, but the day before or even after if you have not already started.  Eclipses are created by the Nodes, Rahu and Ketu, which can accelerate karmas and experiences, but also intensify emotions.  This eclipse happens because Rahu joins the Moon, which can add to anxiety, imagined fears and restlessness.  However, since Moon is in Taurus where it gets strength of exaltation, and the moon is full, with some grounding and stabilizing we will hopefully not be thrown too off balance.  Nevertheless, it is always advised to keep cool and simple for the 3 days before and after an eclipse.  


In Vedic culture it is not auspicious to look at the eclipse, which will be challenging with the big beautiful full moon tonight! But remember that the eclipse makes Rahu stronger, and Rahu represents our obsessiveness and impulsiveness, and choose carefully if that’s what you’d like to increase in your life!


On November 20th, Jupiter finally leaves Capricorn for good and goes into Aquarius.  Though how transits affect you greatly depends on the natal positions in your birth chart, this is an overall positive move.  


For a large portion of the last 1.5 years Jupiter has been in its place of debilitation in Capricorn, where our planet of the greatest blessings and divine wisdom was not able to fully express itself and was overshadowed by a powerful Saturn in Capricorn as well.  Many world predictive astrologers pointed to this combination of Jupiter and Saturn as a major player in the pandemic, and with this move out of Capricorn we are hopefully moving forward from this chapter of life.  Over this last month Jupiter was under even more stress as Mars and Rahu were also influencing him in Capricorn, so this move into Aquarius promises expansiveness in many ways.

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