Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio


Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio

and Buddha Purnima<!–

The Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio is upon us!

This will likely be one for all to feel! On this eclipse the Full Moon meets Ketu in Moon’s debilitation sign of Scorpio.  Scorpio is the placement where all the insecurities and doubts of the Moon surface, and we are unable to feel the nurturing support that the Moon can give us in its highest expression.  Scorpio is a sign that is all about the transformation that can happen when we move from control into letting go.  The ideal of this sign is surrender, remembering that nothing was in our control anyway, and surrendering to the divine will to guide us.


This lunar house of this eclipsed Moon is Anuradha, which is ruled by Mitra the lord of friendship.  This nakshatra not only represents the bond of friendships and relationships, but also all our commitments and contracts.  The strong relationally that this Nakshatra calls for is in direct contrast to how our eclipsed mind may feel in the cycle of the next few days.  The Moon here on the nodal axis (Rahu-Ketu), can evoke all sorts of mental unrest- fears, anxieties, worries, and insecurities are pieces of the eclipse energy.  Yet we are called to balance our emotions as best we can, examine and take stock of our relationships, and not let the sense of urgency that Rahu and Ketu tend to bring propel us into any hasty actions.  The 3 days on either side of the eclipse are the most potent, though effects can last for much longer, so likely the energy is already building within, especially those of you with Scorpio prominent in your charts.


Mercury is about to change signs, and while when it gets comfortable in Gemini it will be a good transit, for now it is in that transition energy, weakening our ability to effectively communicate and articulate at the moment.  Best to ride out the waves of this eclipse window watching our own changes of tides rather than letting them flow outward.

This Full Moon also marks Buddha Purnima, the day that Buddha was born, got enlightened, and passed! 
Om Buddhaya Namah

Love and Blessings.



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