Full Moon Eclipse


Full Moon Eclipse

Buddha Purnima<!–

Full Moon Eclipse Greetings!


This Full Moon Culminates on May 15th at 9:11 pm PDT, making this time the height of the Lunar Eclipse as well.  This eclipse is fully or partially visible in North and South America, Europe and Africa.  The places where the eclipse is visible are said to feel the effects the most, and much of the world will be experiencing this one.  Eclipses are the most felt when they are both visible in your area and hitting prominent placements in your birth chart.

This Full Moon falls into Scorpio whether one follows the Vedic (sidereal) or Western (tropical) zodiac.  The Moon is in its debilitation placement in Scorpio, as the Moon is all about nurture and security, and the energy of Scorpio is unsteady and transformative.  Heightened and excessive emotions can come about from either the Full Moon or the Moon in Scorpio, so to have both is a recipe for an intensity of feeling.

On the topic of intensity, the Nakshatra (lunar house) of this full Moon is Vishaka, whose energy carries intense relationally with it.  Vishaka is the only Nakshatra ruled by two gods in one body- Indra and Agni- the king of the gods and the ritual fire.  With the combination of this Nakshatra, the debilitated Moon, and Mercury retrograde it is best to not be too confrontational with all types of relationships in this few days window.  There is simply too much intensity and too much of a potential for misunderstandings coming from all sides!

As many of you know Mercury is retrograde until June 3rd.  Mercury retrograde cycles can tend to be over emphasized, and it is also true that things can not flow as smoothly, and often big decisions in this time carry complications.  Remember to be cautious of big things like signing contracts and agreements.  As for the other indications of Mercury like travel, electronic mishaps, or miscommunications, simply leave more time and space so we are not too frustrated by the little mishaps that can occur.


This Full Moon is also Buddha Purnima or Buddha Jayanti, the birthday of Lord Buddha.
Om Mani Padme Hum!

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