Full Exalted Moon with Mars


Full Exalted Moon with Mars

Look up tonight if you want an extra dose of Mars!

This Full Moon in Taurus is closely conjunct Mars, creating an event called occultation.  Basically Mars will disappear behind the Moon starting at around 6:30 pacific time.  It is a similar occurrence to an eclipse, yet doesn’t seems to have the negative connotation that an eclipse does.  It is likely because it is Mars that disappears and gets swallowed by the exalted full Moon, and not the intensification of the malefic fiery planet.

Mars and Moon together is a combination that brings strong physical energy to get things done, along with an extra dose of fire and feistiness.  It’s a good moon for assertiveness, but if your tendency is to be a bit too assertive it may be a good idea to take some cooling gulps of Moon energy instead!

This marks the last full Moon of 2022!

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