Easter and its connection with the Lunar Calendar


Easter and its connection with the Lunar Calendar

Happy Easter for those who celebrate!

There’s a few points of Easter which are relevant even within the realm of Vedic astrology that I felt to share today.

First of all, in the Vedic system, Jesus is considered an avatar, an incarnation of the divine.  

Easter is also the only holiday in our western calendar which has a partial lunar basis, shown by the lack of a fixed date each year.  Easter is the first Sunday after the full moon after the spring equinox.  This is considered a soli-lunar holiday, where both the lunar calendar and the solar Gregorian calendar are taken into account. While the solar calendar (fixed date calendar) is followed for most practical purposes, the lunar calendar is for religious holidays and festivals.  It is significant that this one lunar based holiday has remained even within the predominance of the fixed date calendar.

In all traditions and most seasons around the world we are celebrating the arrival of spring, and all of the themes of renewal, abundance and fertility that come with it. For many this is actually the beginning of a New Year.

Whether we celebrate the spring with the tropical zodiac spring equinox, or 3 weeks later when sidereal Sun enters Aries, it is a time for rebirth, a clearing of the old to let the new spring forth.

If you’d like any assistance in your rebirth process from me, do reach out!

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