An Energizing Full Moon in Leo


An Energizing Full Moon in Leo

Enhancing Creativity<!–

Purnima Greetings!


This full moon culminates on February 27th at 12:17 am PST in the sign of Leo and the Lunar house of Purva Phalguni.  After a very tumultuous new moon 15 days ago, this full moon is strong and can offer some much needed relief!


The sign of Leo is an expressive and proactive sign, which carries a lot of potential for progress and creation with it.  While last month’s pile up in Capricorn was calling us to take pause, this Leo moon is allowing us to move forward.  


The lunar house of Purva Phalguni enhances this theme.  Its energy is creativity powered into action.  This includes procreativity, self expression, sexual energy, art, dance and music to name a few.  This full moon is ideal for any and all expressions of this energy, making this a great weekend for innovation, enjoyment and play.  


We can begin to safely move forward now. While there are still three planets in Capricorn, the extreme heightened emotion of a six planet pile up and the sense of urgency that it produced has mostly dissipated.  The seeds we may have started to envision over this last fortnight can now be planted.  Let this Full moon propel your expression of creativity where it may!

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