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I have experienced and witnessed the powerful transformation that comes from seeing one’s karmic patterns uncovered through Jyotish.  Vedic Astrology can provide us valuable insight to understand our human condition, and practical methods to work towards transformation.

It is the work of the astrologer to identify this often unconscious programming, and the work of the client to move through these obstacles using the many tools offered from the wisdom of Vedic Astrology.   My readings provide applicable ways to create a life more in alignment with your material and spiritual goals.

My background in the cultural and spiritual traditions of India has allowed me to go swiftly and deeply into astrology.  I continue to follow the traditional structure of Vedic Astrology, while integrating my practice and study of Buddhism and meditation to offer counsel to people of various traditions and cultures.

I began my journey of inner and outer exploration over 17 years ago, which took me to many countries and cultures of the world before landing in India. I received my BA in Religion and Philosophy through Long Island University’s Global College, which enabled me to do the bulk of my studies in India.

Though I started off on a more traditional Hindu path, studying and practicing with various teachers throughout India, I ultimately found the Himalayan foothills of Sikkim and the rich Buddhist Tantric practices that live there to be more in alignment with the spiritual and material balance that I sought.  Though the spark was lit well before, I started my formal study of Jyotish in 2011 in the tradition of Achyutananda Das of Orissa, and have spilt my time between India and Northern California since then. Living in two places and working with clients from around the world allows me to intersect Eastern and Western traditions, and gives a global perspective to my life and my readings.


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