A Packed New Moon in Capricorn


A Packed New Moon in Capricorn

Mauna Amabasya<!–

New Moon Greetings!

This is a packed Amabasya!  The Sun and the Moon join 4 planets in Capricorn- Saturn,Jupiter, Mercury and Venus- rising on February 11th at 11:05 am PST.

In total this puts 6 planets in siderial Capricorn, plus there is an Aspect of Rahu, making a total of 7 planets influencing one sign!

It is challenging to a sign when there is so much influence on it, showing an excessive and unstable energy in Capricorn through the month of February.

As there is a mix of benefic and malefic planets influencing the sign, much depends on what house Capricorn represents in your chart.  Gemini, Leo and Aquarius ascendents may feel this strongly,  as Capricorn becomes one of the more challenging houses in your chart. Also if you have important placements in Capricorn you can expect to feel the unsettled intensity of this transit the most.  

In Vedic Astrology, when we feel compelled to do something out of an almost uncontrollable restlessness it is often the influence of Rahu acting upon this situation.  As Rahu’s nature is to cloud and delude, we may often find these quick impulsive actions did not give us a holistic understanding of a situation.  Likewise though there are some beneficial planets in Capricorn, all are under the veil of Rahu, and would benefit from slower and steadier decision making.  As written above, the mantra for February is keep calm!


When we look at the lunar houses, the New Moon and Sun are in Dhanistha but the remaining 4 planets are in Sravana, making both important Nakshatras of this cycle.  Dhanistha is a prosperous constellation, connected to wealth and fame.  


With Sravana reorganizing and restructuring is a common theme, as is the desire to restore balance.   Be mindful of the seeds that were planted on this potent New Moon, but take time for right action and the return to equilibrium.  


Both Dhanistha and Sravana are connected with the ear and listening, and challenging influence here may make us hear with distortion or bias at the moment.  Best is to keep silent and do more listening at the moment than speaking. 


On that note, this New Moon is also celebrated as Mauna Amabasya, which translates to the ‘Silent New Moon’.  Refraining from speech is a common and indicated practice on this day.  It is an ideal day to be silent or at least very mindful of our speech.  Five days after the New Moon this month is the annual celebration to Saraswati, the Goddess of Wisdom and Learning.  Jai Maa!

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